Children are our future

One of the socially-oriented projects of AMASS is the campaign, which is successfully implemented under the conditional name of “Children are our future”. This idea actually originated from the personal initiative of a childcare provider management and its love for children and started with the replacement of the door and windows of that facility at the lowest prices.

Then the company management decided to carry out charity programs to at least one childcare provider, kindergarten, mosque and other facilities based on applications every year. This activity of us, realized within the capabilities of the provider, has been highly welcomed by the public. Although this direction of our activity is regulated by our feelings and is not actually for advertisement, it has led to the natural growth of our work.

The company always tries to contribute to the implementation of social projects in different directions, in varied works done by our state as a non-governmental organization, and it is intended to continue the activities in this direction in our future activities.