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Our customers are very valuable to us, and every employee understands that the owner of our company is, in fact, Mr. Customer.
Reliability, Honesty, Fidelity to principle, Quality and Trust are main indicators and key criteria for each of us.
There is democratic environment in our company, our employees does not work under pressure, no penalties are imposed, that’s why every employee is ready to work day and night and use more than its potential when necessary.
According to our values accepted by all, setting an eye on the company’s 1 manat is equal to setting an eye on its 1 million manats. Even if he/she has gold in his/her hands, there is no place for him/her among us.
The Character of Persons in our Company Doesn’t Have Any Role. Everyone Complies With The Corporate Nature of AMASS.
Every employee of us knows that his/her activities and creativity are free, but at the centre of control and attention, and each value contribution is appreciated.
Each of us believes that the employee, who doesn’t work on himself/herself, doesn’t develop himself/herself, repeats the same work every day and hinders our company’s progress.
Every employee in our company understands that he/she shouldn’t spend the Company’s time, shouldn’t waste time, shouldn’t be late to the work and shouldn’t leave the workplace early. If these happen, there should be serious grounds, and the top manager should be informed about these grounds so that he/she can plan his/her work.
According to the rules adopted in our company, serious relationships, friendships, companionships, marriages, and etc. between employees are encouraged, and non-serious, unethical and rough relationships are unequivocally criticized and sharply refused. In this issue, even the employee with the highest performance indicators are not forgiven.
According to the rules adopted in our company, we respect the personal lives and problems of our employees, live joyful and sad moments of their families together.